Thursday, December 4, 2008

BBC America

 To get any channels at all where we live, cable television is required, the first time I've ever had it.  And along with cable comes BBC America.  

Joy inexpressible.

Mainly I enjoy older comedy troupes and duos, period dramas... British science fiction even seems more thoughtful.  But along with these genre is the auto show called Top Gear.  Essentially, the show involves three men driving super cars and saying how wonderful they are, and then also thinking of crazy things to do with regular cars.  It's fantastic stuff.  Click on the link to see their football/soccer match.

A truly marvelous episode is the race between the presenters to the North Pole, one by dog sled, one by pickup truck.  

Are you a fan?


SeaPea said...

i love "as time goes by" - really funny!

steve martin said...

I love the comedy!

I hate the BBC news. They are just in lockstep with the 'left' (as are most news agencies these days)

Clifford Swartz said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure that I agree that the BBC is lockstep with other agencies. Yes, they have a liberal bias, but as a foreign based agency, the reporting is a tiny bit different. There is something of an outsider's view, I think. What do you think about that feature -- of a British journalist not having quite as much of a stake in the story as an American one? Or is the ambition and ideology driving it all?

Cheap TVs said...

BBC News is seriously left like Steve says, Sky is to the right so hard to find a balance