Thursday, November 6, 2008


In the last couple of years, I've started to play a little bit of squash. My undergraduate university is a champion squash school, but I never went up into the courts until years after graduating. I barely saw a football game there, too, because I was always competing in my own sport. That was rowing, which has proven a little tough to keep up since college, except for a stint in Los Angeles when I rowed out of the UCLA boathouse, and for a couple of years in England in grad school.

I have the great privilege of telling people about Jesus for my job, and listening to folks as they work through what Christianity means or simply help them deal with the concerns life brings. And it's always nice to meet up for a meal or coffee. Jesus did that, having pretty significant conversations while sharing food. But the occupational hazard is eating two lunches or having a superabundance of coffee in the day. Then going home to the good food that my wife (shall she have a pseudonym on this blog? Perhaps the Authoress will do, perhaps not. The comments will tell me).

Anyway, some guys find it hard to sit down to chat, which suits me fine. So I like to play squash with men I meet in the church's "More to Life" Wall Street Ministry. Some men who are laid off work actually have time in the middle of the day to do this. So I am playing squash, and trying to keep fit that way, while enjoying the conversations. It's also a confidence booster for these guys, because I have won a total of two games in my entire squash career. See video link for the Two Ronnies on beginner's luck, which I haven't yet had!