Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I mentioned in a previous post that I will preach on Revelation 21 this coming Sunday. In addition to place (the striking material aspects of the new heaven and new earth), there is the key idea of time (now the dwelling of God is with people).

On the bus today going down Second Avenue, Number One Son and I were delayed for some while due to the construction for the new subway line. After playing our usual games, I took out my phone, which also keeps recorded music. He listened to Handel's Zadok the Priest for awhile, as I thought he would get a kick out of the build up in the music.

When at Cambridge, there was an institute at my college for "Theology through the Arts". While I didn't have unfettered regard for their projects, there were many interesting aspects of the theological observations available through an artistic medium. In Handel, the sense of building anticipation before the arrival of the priest-king is exceptional. It does bring to mind the waiting of God's people for the Advent of Jesus Christ. Advent is popularly a preparation for Christmas, and that's true, but it's main function is a preparation for the return of Christ.

Click on the title of this post and give Handel a listen -- you need to wait until two minutes into the piece, which feels like a long time. But once you get there, it was worth the waiting! And didn't seem like such a long time afterwards. I expect it will be the same with the real Advent.