Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, dear

Me: What happened to your pajamas?

Number One Son: I got them wet.

Me: How did you get them wet? (slightly annoyed)

Number One Son: I put my hand in the toilet.

Me: Why did you put your hand in the toilet? (slightly alarmed, definitely annoyed)

Number One Son: To get the toothpaste that fell in.

Me: Thank you for getting the toothpaste out. Let's change your pajamas. (slightly bemused, definitely grossed out)

Number One Son: You're welcome. It was your toothpaste. (Pause.) Don't use it.

Me: Thanks. Good idea.


Ran Barton said...

Your illustration prompts me to note that Tom of Tom’s of Maine is a Trinity grad (AD brother). Pretty cool.

Sorry about your toothpaste.

seapea said...