Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's all happening in Manhattan...

Gosspi Girl was filming in the sweets shop my son looks forward to for a weekly selection of five pieces of loose candy. And down on Wall Street today for a weekly meeting, I saw beyond the immense Christmas tree put up by the Stock Exchange, men in period British army uniforms were playing band tunes on the steps of the Federal Hall where Washington's inauguration took place. This reminds me of a retort my English expatriate friend Simon Barnes would make when Americans would make joking remarks on the Fourth of July: "Of course, in England, we call that 'Thanksgiving Day'". Very droll, indeed. What if things had turned out differently in history, and the American Revolution had been a rebellion successfully put down? The sight of Redcoats on the steps of Federal Hall would be normal, not unusual... (click on the title to see an imaginary version of WW2 being lost by the Allies).

Jesus said in Matthew 24 (which I am preaching this coming first Sunday of Advent) that impressive buildings would be cast down and various strange events would signal the end times. I take today's events as an encouragement to be found ready! What do you think, dear reader?


SeaPea said...

you find it encouraging but i find it depressing (esp with all that GOSSIP GIRL posters to begin with!).

hmm dylan's. may i recommend a bakery nearby your house? Glaser's, on 1st ave between 87th & 88th streets, hidden behind a big tree, not much of an awning - good ol' bakery shop, great pound cakes and most delish black & white cookies (or as seinfeld would've said "the most democratic cookie").

Clifford Swartz said...

thanks for the bakery suggestion -- Look to the Cookie!